Winter Skin Care Mistakes

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Depending on what part of the U.S. you live in, winter could mean anything from crisis-level blizzards to slightly cooler breezes. For both parties and everything in between, treating the skin properly is a must, especially when dealing with temperatures that are on the more extreme side. See below for the top winter skin care mistakes that you can avoid this season: 

Forgetting the Basics:

“Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize, & Protect” still rings true throughout the winter months. The rays of sun that shine on your face when it is 40 degrees out are the same ones that shine when it is 85 degrees. So whether you are hitting the slopes or escaping to a warmer paradise this time of year, remember to pack your sunscreen along with your cleanser/toner, and Vitamin A product.

Not Layering Up

We’re not talking about fashion. We’re talking about layering your skin care products. In the cooler months, consider adding a step in between your Vitamin A moisturizer and your SPF/foundation. Skin oil capsules, oil-mists, and peptide moisturizers are the products you should consider adding to your repertoire during this time of year. Look for ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, and peptides. You may not need to use intensive hydrating products every day, but a little added moisture in areas around your nose, forehead, and eye area should provide enough comfort to make your skin entirely forget that it is not summertime.

Giving Your Exfoliator the Cold Shoulder

In the winter, exfoliating away the appearance of dead skin is more important than ever. It’s just one reason why finding a “winter” foundation seems so difficult. Exfoliators come in different forms: chemical (ex: alpha hydroxy acids) and physical (ground oatmeal). Some of the most effective and gentle exfoliators include lactic acid, mandelic acid, and asiatic acids. The ideal exfoliating product, such as Environ’s Revival Masque, should not strip away the skin’s protective barrier while effectively removing the appearance of dry, dead skin. The Revival Masque can also be used as a overnight masque also.

Not Using Nighttime as Recovery Time

Speaking of nighttime, consider using those precious hours as “recovery time” for your skin. In the winter, consider oil cleansing to prep the skin at night. Environ’s pre-cleanse oil is a great make-up remover for the skin any time of year, but in the winter time especially. One should then follow their normal routine as usual, and consider using an added hydrating element such as Environ Intensive Super Moisturizer + or Hydrating Oil Capsules around the nose, eyes, forehead, and mouth area before hitting the sheets.

Turning to Dial Too Far


Though it is all too tempting to indulge in a hot shower or bath after spending time in cooler weather, the hot water can leave the skin on your body feeling drier than ever. Once you hop out of the shower, make sure to apply Environ’s A, C, & E Body Oil to help lock in moisture and to keep that summer-glow all year-long. Who says winter can’t be your best season for skin? 
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