What Makes Environ Different? Part 2

Posted by Catherine Christianson on

I want to tell you all a little more about what makes Environ products so different from other skin care brands. In our first blog, we discussed how Environ was created by Dr. Des Fernandes, a world-renowned plastic surgeon and skin care researcher, and skin care formulator. Environ products contain the most efficacious formulations of vitamins A and C, which absolutely must be a part of a skin care regimen to be effective. The only thing about these fragile formulations is the fact that they must exist in a form that is unaltered by oxidation and light, so that it reaches our stockists and clients in pristine condition. That brings us to the next difference that makes Environ a unique leader in the skin care industry.

Fresh- Products & Secure Packaging

When it comes to delivering the most efficacious forms of vitamin A, C, antioxidants, and growth factors to the skin, the way in which the product is contained is crucial. So you know all those fancy-looking containers with wide mouth jars, easy-twist tubes, or clear containers that we so often see on so many skin care shelves? Those types of packaging are not helping to ensure the freshest products. In addition to containing the products properly in airless pump bottles and collapsible tubes, Environ does not add any artificial perfumes or fragrances into the formulas. Why? Environ doesn’t think it is worth risking potential contamination and unhealthy skin reactions. Also, an added (and unnecessary) chemical alteration such as a fragrance component could change the desired pH level of a product. There are select products that Environ does add naturally-derived fragrance components to, in order to disguise a naturally occurring scent of raw materials. While it is important to keep the highest integrity of the products as possible, Environ wants to ensure the best experience possible when using them.

State-of-the-art Manufacturing Standards

Environ is one of the few companies in the world with its own pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facility, staffed by over 180 dedicated employees. All products are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients and under special light conditions so as not to destroy the efficacy of the formulations. Products are also made with State-Of-The-Art purification systems for air and water to maintain the purest formulations. All lab workers are gowned, booted and capped to ensure a sterile manufacturing area free of contamination. Environ is proud to have this unique skin care plant with such high standards. Lastly, the Environ lab only makes Environ products, nothing else.

Efficacy Ensured

Every batch of Environ products is tested by independent laboratories, under high levels of scrutiny, for effectiveness, stability, safety, and purity. Environ's founder, Dr. Des Fernandes, and the company’s board have no interest in selling products that claim one thing but do not follow through. 

Cruelty Free

Environ only tests on human volunteers, starting with Dr. Fernandes himself and other company directors. Never tested on animals, Environ products are the safest, most ethical, and most meticulously produced skin care products in the industry. Environ products continue to be a generation ahead of other companies for reasons of product integrity and incredibly high standards on all fronts.


Next time: “The Philosophy of Starting a New Client on Environ Products”

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