Do You Feel Beautiful?

Posted by Jen Conroy on

They say happiness is an inside job, and so is beauty! Problem is, it’s hard to feel beautiful when you’re weighed down by the wear and tear of everyday stressors, from work deadlines to the perpetual dish pile. It’s time to lighten up a little so you can feel renewed and radiant!

In addition to sticking to your skin care routine, here are a few easy tips for reducing stress and boosting your beauty—and joy—quotient this spring, compliments of Women’s Health.

Drop the donut!

So many of us turn to our favorite comfort foods when stressed. Unfortunately, most comfort foods feature refined carbs and high amounts of sugar or salt, which quickly add up to weight gain and energy crashes, so you ultimately feel worse. Do your mood and waistline a favor by replenishing your energy reserves with high-protein snacks that keep your blood sugar level steady, such as nuts, fresh fruits and veggies.

Try a new hairstyle.

It doesn’t matter what you do, the point is to mix things up! Take a different road to work or eat something new for breakfast. New experiences are a brilliant way to break free from dull routines, boosting your energy and spirit for total body invigoration.

Be present.

How much time do you spend thinking about the past or worrying about the future? It’s probably a lot more than you think! Did you know that focusing on the present—also known as mindfulness—is clinically proven to help lower stress and increase happiness? It’s ok if your mind wanders, the key is to simply refocus on the present moment when you remember.


We are on a mission to help you achieve your best from the inside out! To find an Environ stockist near you, please call 877.337.6227 today!

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