The Correct Order to Apply Skin Care Products

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For clients that are brand new to the skin care world, the looming amount of options can be overwhelming. Not only is there an unlimited number of brands to choose from, but after choosing, you must then decide which products to use and in what order to apply them! 

We’re here to answer that last part of your dilemma. Assuming you’ve adopted Environ products into your life, we’ll explore the reasons for applying products in a particular way. And yes, the order in which you apply your skin care products does matter. :)


Starting Simple

The basic healthy-looking skin Environ motto is “Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize, Protect,” and remains the recommended routine for beginning skin care enthusiasts.
However, for those of you who want and are ready for a more advanced skin care solutions, you know this short motto is missing a few key steps. Our full routine includes:
Pre-Cleanse/Makeup Removal
Eye Gel
Overnight Masks (PM only)
Protect (AM only)


Let’s go further in depth for each of these steps! Still with us?


Is Pre-Cleansing Necessary?

Pre-Cleansing may be a necessary part of any skin care routine for those who wear makeup or if you’re exposed to an excessive amount of environmental pollutants that day. Environ’s lightweight Makeup Remover or the heavy-duty Pre-Cleanse Oil are wonderful assets for this initial step in your skincare routine.
For those with particularly large-appearing pores and for those in need of a gentle exfoliation, the Pre-Cleanse Oil + AVST Hydrating Exfoliant Masque* combination will suit you very well for this first step in your skincare routine.


Environ’s gentle cleansers are made to gently remove surface dirt and debris without drying or stripping away the skin’s natural barrier. They are definitely not your average cleansers. After using an Environ cleanser for the first time, you will be amazed that your skin will feel neither  “tight” nor “squeaky clean” but instead appear and feel hydrated and fresh-looking.

To Tone or Not To Tone

A great toner should work in synergy with your other products to assist with the appearance of better-hydrated, healthy-looking and even-toned skin. Whether you use AVST Hydrating Toner, SebuTone or the C-Quence Toner, you are ensuring that your skin is sufficiently clear of any surface debris or make-up and perfectly prepped for the next step.

Rollin’ In The Deep

For those of you that already have a Cosmetic CIT-Roller or a Gold Roller, you know that this carefully made skincare tool allows us the opportunity to “boost” the efficacy of our topical products to the next level. The tiny microneedles assist with your product's effectiveness and only takes a minute or two out of your entire day. The proper way to “roll” each area of the face is vertically, horizontally and then diagonally each for 30-40 seconds with medium pressure, and should be part of your evening routine ONLY!


Post toning and rolling, you’re ready for any masks, intensive products, eye gels and moisturizers.


At-Home Masks Or Peels

The exfoliating Environ Revival Masque, brightening C-Quence Energizing Masque, or the resurfacing, at-home LACM peel should be applied and left on the skin according to their respective instructions. Remove the mask as recommended and you will be ready to move on with the rest of your normal routine. For greater insight on the benefits of each mask, visit our website’s product information page.
The Revival Mask can also be applied as an overnight mask, after applying your eye gel and moisturizer.
The AVST Hydrating Exfoliant Masque can also be used after you tone and roll the skin OR as part of your pre-cleansing regimen for improvement in the appearance of your pores.

The Eyes Say It All: Eye Gels & Serums

After toning or using an at-home mask or peel, it is now the appropriate time to apply serums or eye gels. Typically speaking, serums as well as eye serums are a lighter consistency than moisturizing creams, thus they will absorb quicker and should be applied first.


As a rule of thumb, one should apply products in order from ‘lightest’ to ‘heaviest.’


Where To Insert Intensive “Booster” Products

A few products in the Intensive Range can be applied as more of “spot” treatments, such as the C-Boost Vitamin-C rich cream. In that case, apply only where desired, and then follow with your moisturizer.
Moisturizing booster products such as Super Moisturizer + or the Hydrating Oil Capsules can be mixed with your Vit A moisturizer OR spot-applied to especially dry areas such as the forehead, nose, or mouth areas.


On dry days, either cold or hot, apply these moisturizing boosters in the evening to help the appearance of fresh, repaired-looking skin overnight.


Ahh, Finally. The Moisturizer

Your Environ Vitamin A moisturizer is the climax of your skin care routine. It is during this step that you are nourishing your skin with essential Vitamins A, C, E, peptides, antioxidants, and growth factors which are crucial components to maintaining the look of youthful skin over your lifetime. This remains true whether you are using the AVST, B-activ or Ionzyme Range moisturizers.


The moisturizing step is usually everyone’s last and final step in their nighttime regimen.


The fun part about this moisturizing step is that you can mix your favorite serums such as Avance DFP or a Retinol serum to create a customized solution with added benefits. Each intensive product addresses specific concerns, so you can find information on each one on our website. For additional insight, you should ask your local skin professional which one he or she thinks you can add to your “moisturize” step.
During the day, you will follow this step with your daily broad spectrum SPF, another crucial step towards maintaining healthy-looking skin.


Don’t Be Overwhelmed

Believe it or not, our typical night routine takes no more than 5-10 minutes!

In an event you forget a step or run out of one of your products, carry on with your steps as best you can. Over time, you’ll be surprised how adept you’ll become with the order and your routine as you gain practice each morning and evening.

For other questions and specific product instructions, reach out to us.

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