Hidden Winter Skin Care Dangers

Posted by Jen Conroy on

When you’re heading to the slopes for winter break, does sunscreen make your packing list? Too many of us are lulled into a false sense of security during the winter months. It’s cold outside, we reason, so how much damage can the sun really do? Unfortunately, the answer is a lot! Here’s a look at hidden skin care dangers in winter, and how you can protect yourself.

UV rays

Yes, the sun is weaker in the winter, but that doesn’t matter if you’re outside all day, especially on the slopes. UV levels increase by about 10 percent with every 1,000 meters in altitude, according to the World Health Organization. What’s more, fresh snow almost doubles your UV exposure. (In comparison, the sand reflects UV rays only 15 percent and water reflects less than 10 percent). The solution: applying Environ’s Sunscreen SPF 30 regularly throughout the day when outdoors. The Environ Suncare Range offers UVA and UVB protection while also replenishing skin with essential hydration and antioxidants to help to neutralize the effect of environmental influences.

Wind burn

There’s debate about “wind burn,” and many skin care experts insist that a wind burn is actually just a sunburn. The harsh, cold air can temporarily cause your skin to look red and chafed, but if your redness is lasting and turns into a peel, the sun—not the wind—is the most likely culprit. Regardless of the source, the effects of wind burn can be prevented by protecting your skin with SPF and one of our specially-formulated moisturizers. Your first step is applying an SPF of at least 30, followed by a moisturizer with protective antioxidants which seal in hydration and fend off the effects of free-radical damage. Youth EssentiA® Antioxidant Defence Creme contains vitamins A and C, antioxidants, and peptides to help restore the look of dewy, healthy-looking radiance through winter and all year long.

Red, itchy, cracked skin on hands, heels or lips

Once your skin is red, raw and cracked, it can feel like a losing battle trying to restore it to a calm and balanced state. Your hands and heels are crying for help in the form of moisture. Emergency action is in order, which means applying Environ’s Body EssentiA® Range Derma-lac lotion, which contains several potent moisturizers, including lactic acid, urea and ammonium lactate to help soften rough, calloused heels, elbows, hands, or wherever you need it. Apply Derma-Lac Lotion throughout the day and pay particular attention to moisturizing before bed, when you should moisturize and cover your affected area with gloves (for hands) or socks (for feet) to seal in moisture through the night. If your skin is extremely red and inflamed, be sure to see your doctor to rule out an allergy or other condition. You may also need to skip doing dishes for a while and wear gloves throughout the day to encourage your skin to heal.

Prevention is the best solution, of course. You can prevent red, cracked skin by maintaining the benefits of your skin’s natural acid mantle and pH balance with daily application of hydrating formulas. We love A, C & E Oil, from Environ’s Body Care Range, which contains nourishing vitamins to help assist in relieving the appearance of dry, sun damaged skin. We also love our multivitamin body moisturizer, a luxurious, vitamin-enriched lotion packed with vitamins and protective antioxidants to reveal the look of hydrated, revitalized skin.

Here’s to a super fun winter—and having amazingly beautiful skin throughout your adventures! To find an Environ stockist near you, please call 877.337.6227 today.

Attention all stockists! Mark your calendars this February for two educational events. February 24 and 25 we are holding a 2-day Intensive Training Seminar in Honolulu at Makana Esthetics Wellness Academy. On February 27, we are holding an educational workshop entitled, “Mix, Mingle & Medical Needling” in San Antonio, TX at The Hotel Contessa.

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